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By: Tamara Sellman on July 10th, 2017

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This Week in Sleep Medicine: July 10, 2017

Sleep Technologist Advice

While You Were Sleeping: What Sleep Technologists Need to Know This Week

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reddit cpap "Turns out a CPAP actually works..."
July 8, 2017

From the forum post: "107 apnea events per hour. Decidedly severe. Last night I slept with a CPAP for the first time, and I woke up feeling like I slept for days."

Takeaway:  People talk about CPAP success stories online... as techs, we might think about ways we can continue to encourage the more positive commentary in social media to help give PAP a better reputation. 

PS: It helps to make cute images of critters using CPAP like Reddit has done! (see above)


"Making the connection: How silicone adhesives and elastomers improve wearable medical devices."
July 5, 2017 

From the article: "The efficacy of a wearable diagnostic or therapeutic device depends directly on patient compliance, which relies on comfort during wear and removal."

Takeaway: This discussion focuses more on the consumer wearables market, but could have a positive impact on the adhesion qualities of the sensors we use in sleep studies. It would be especially great to develop a better tape for applying sensors to elderly people with extremely fragile skin, for instance. 


"Jawbone reaches end of the road as it goes into liquidation: Tech group once valued at more than $3bn has faced tough competition and quality issues"
July 6, 2017

From the report: “Its UP wristbands—the company’s main focus in recent years—have faced growing competition from Fitbit and Xiaomi-backed Huami, as well as smartwatches from Apple and Samsung, while Jawbone itself has suffered from manufacturing quality issues and fumbled product launches.”

Takeaway: Remember when Jawbone was the darling of the SLEEP meeting in Seattle two years ago? Not so much now... looks like sleep technology advances really must play to consumer demands and interests if they are to survive.


"Multichannel EEG recordings enable precise brain wave measurement of fish"
July 5, 2017

From the article: "A research team has succeeded in measuring multichannel EEG of zebrafish using non-invasive method, which enables precise observation and study on the generation of EEG in specific area of the brain and the direction of EEG propagation. The technique is expected to be useful in the development of new drugs for the treatment of brain diseases such as epilepsy syndrome."

Takeaway: How cool is this? And how helpful might this be in future sleep medicine research?


"Doctor suspended 4 months over inappropriate prescription of sleeping pills"
July 4, 2017

From the website:The disciplinary tribunal inquiry convened by SMC, which was held on Feb 15 and April 7 this year, showed numerous aggravating factors. These include combining benzodiazepines and codeine-containing cough mixtures on 13 occasions - which breached guidelines - and the fact that Dr Chew has been a doctor for more than 20 years. 

Takeaway: Articles like this suggest an ongoing awareness by patients regarding the addictive nature of Z-class drugs, which bodes well for other insomnia drugs like Belsomra (suvorexant) as well as alternative insomnia treatments such as CBT-i (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia). 


"Do you know your sleep hygiene?"
July 6, 2017

From the article: "One of the most important sleep hygiene practices is to spend an appropriate amount of time asleep in bed, not too little or too excessive. Sleep needs vary across ages and are especially impacted by lifestyle and health."

Takeaway: If your lab is in need of some good simple videos to explain basics like sleep hygiene to incoming or returning patients, this might be a link worth sharing.


"Can an employer make you work 24 hour shifts?"
JuLY 9, 2017

From the website: "You are under no obligation to accept such a long shift and if you do not, you cannot legally be penalized for refusing the long shift by your employer."

Takeaway: This question could come up with your patients. Now you know the answer.

BIO:  Tamara Sellman RPSGT, CCSH curates the sleep health information clearinghouse, SleepyHeadCENTRAL, where she follows sleep health news headlines daily. She is also Web Consultant for the American Sleep Apnea Association, writes MS-related columns for two medical publishers, and contributes as a freelance writer to AAST’s magazine, A2Zzz, and other places.

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