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AAST to Launch New Website

Posted by admin on Nov 19, 2015 12:00:00 AM

The AAST has been working diligently behind the scenes to completely redesign the website and update it with new features and ease of access. Some of these new features include:

  • Mobile Optimization: Whether you are on the road using your smart phone, kicking back on the sofa browsing with your tablet, or at work on your desktop, the new AAST website will be able to be viewed without squinting your eyes or having to pinch and enlarge your screen to view.
  • Streamlined Home Page: We have significantly cut out the clutter on our homepage. While we have lots to say and information to provide, we realize that we can't just try to say it all on one page. Rather we have leveraged the homepage to break down our four main points of service: 1) AAST Membership, 2) Online Education, 3) Conferences, and 4) Career Resources.
  • Built in Search Feature: No longer do you have to click through a maze on our site to find what you are looking for! You just enter the word or phrase in the search feature on the site and you can find it...voila, as simple as that!
  • Mouse Hover: Another point of contention with the old site was that a user would have to click on a navigation button to see what's behind it. All you'll have to do now is just move your mouse over the item and you will see what's indexed behind it!
  • A2Zzz is now completely ungated: Yep, it's a stampede! We've unlocked all of the future, current, and past A2Zzz articles for anyone to view. We've even indexed the archives making it easier to find a specific article published in a past issue.
  • Online Educational Offerings: The AAST has a ton of resources available online that, until now, were sometimes difficult to find. We are thrilled to be able to promote and link many of these educational tools through the new web design and integrate with our Inbound Marketing efforts so that our members can leverage these products.

Keep your eyes posted for the official launch date...but, between you and me, word on the street is that it's Mid-December 2015!