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Executive Summary: State of Sleep Technology and Workforce

Posted by AAST Associate Editor on Sep 9, 2021 10:29:40 AM

Over the past six months, AAST has been working to understand current and anticipated market conditions in the field of sleep technology and better prepare those in the profession to address or adjust to those trends.

In March of this year, we asked you to participate in a Workforce Survey and share your insights on your current job role, practices and what you believed to be the future state of the field of sleep.

From there, AAST leadership - in conjunction with AAST staff - have been digesting, interpreting and analyzing the data and results.

We are pleased to share with you all the finalized report, which includes detailed information as well as an overview of the themes, key data trends, and more.

View the Report

What Happens Next?

Now that our report has been finalized, AAST, along with other key stakeholders and representatives, will convene in 2022 to discuss the trends identified and role that our organizations can play to support the changing landscape of the sleep profession.