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New Product Alert: A Technologist's Introduction to Sleep Disorders, 2nd Edition

Posted by AAST Coordinator on Jan 7, 2016 3:16:01 PM

AAST Releases 2nd Edition of A Technologist's Introduction to Sleep Disorders


What's New?

This new edition of the Technologist’s Introduction to Sleep Disorders is a comprehensive review that parallels the International Classification of Sleep Disorders with an emphasis on aspects important for sleep technologists. Clinical information, diagnosis, pathophysiology and case examples are provided for insomnias, sleep related breathing disorders, hypersomnias and sleep related movement disorders. A new focus for this edition and for sleep medicine as a whole is the concept of comorbidity. Patients may suffer from more than one sleep disorder, and this may significantly impact the treatment approach. The interaction of these comorbid disorders with sleep disorders and the impact of medications on sleep disorders are a focus of the new edition. 

What's the Same? 

As with the previous edition, this edition seeks to increase technologist’s understanding of sleep disorders and improve ability to communicate in the medical environment. 

How to Order?

You can order your copy of the Technologist's Introdution to Sleep Disorders, Second Edition, by visiting the AAST online store or clicking the button below:

Order Today!

AAST Members will recieve their copy for the low price of $40.00, while Non-Members can get their copy for $60.00. Not an AAST member?   Become a Member Now to take advantage of this offer and the many other benefits the AAST has to offer.


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