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By now you have noticed some of the exciting, new changes to your AAST Member Portal and to your CEC Portal! We wanted to take the time to show you what each of these portals looks like and to showcase key links and features of each.

AAST Member Profile

Member Landing-1.png

Your Member Portal is where you can access membership information and update your profile. It is also the easiest way to access the CEC Portal.

For more information on utilizing this portal, please access the "How-To" document here.

Updated CEC Portal - Claim Your CEC Credits


From the Member Portal, you can access the CEC Portal to review your transcript, print certificates, view program details, and track certification start and renewal dates. Please note we will be making continual updates over the next two weeks while the transition is finalized and to match the needs to AAST members.

View step by step instructions here.

Learning Center

Learning Center.png

In your Learning Center, you can view currently active modules and search the catalog for new eLearning. Completion certificates are available in your CEC Portal. Videos and additional directions for each will be available next week for your review as you familiarize yourself with these tools.

Additional CEC Credit Information

Annual Meeting CECs
Don't forget that all AAST 39th Annual Meeting attendees have the opportunity to earn up to 21.25 CECs until Sunday, October 1, 2017.

Continuing education credits for technologists are only included in the AAST member general registration fees. Nonmembers interested in receiving CECs must register and pay the $20 CEC fee.

Click here to claim AAST CECs for the Annual Meeting sessions.

CECs Purchased During a Sale
If you purchased CECs during a sale, we are working to re-add those to your account. We will send an email to let you know when they are active. If you need to utilize them quickly for recertification, please contact AAST Headquarters for assistance.

Beginning July 1, 2017, AAST CECs will no longer be linked to the ABSM accounts of AAST members.  From this date forward, all continuing education credits must be manually uploaded to the website.