Continuing Education Credits (CEC) Program Information

The AAST Continuing Education Credit (CEC) Program provides educational providers with the opportunity to apply for and award their attendees AAST-approved CECs for in-person and online events. CECs earned through AAST-approved educational opportunities will be accepted by the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT) for purposes of registered and certified polysomnographic technologist recertification. 

Educational Providers

Current Providers

If you have previously submitted programs, please visit to log in to your account. If you require your provider ID, contact

New Providers

New educational providers, please visit and select "Register as a Provider". Follow the prompts to create a new profile.  For any questions, contact

Access the AAST CEC Portal


Application Overview

Looking to Apply for AAST CECs? Start Here!

Providers can take advantage of the following actions in the CEC portal:

  1. Submit program offerings for AAST-approved CEC review for approval

Upon Approval:  

  1. Report approved-program attendance (by individual or via bulk upload) for AAST members and guests
  2. View your program submission status and history
  3. Search practitioner directory (AAST Members and Guests)
  4. Copy existing approved-programs for new applications!

Step-by-Step How-to Documentation:

Note all attendees of AAST-approved events who wish to claim AAST Continuing Education Credits through their AAST account must have an AAST User ID.

Attendees must have at least a free guest account with the AAST to obtain and provide educational providers with their User ID.

AAST CEC Calendar

Educational Providers who submit a program for review may take advantage of AAST Headquarter's CEC Opportunites page. This opportunity is included within the application form. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please check yes on the application form, or reach out to

Sleep technologists may use this calendar to seek out activities for Continuing Education Credit. All of the activities listed in the AAST CEC Calendar have been deemed of high quality and will meet the professional needs of sleep technologists as apporved for AAST CECs. 

Click here to view all posted Provider CEC Opportunities.