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Throughout my career as a sleep technologist, the AAST has been there for me as a resource every step of the way.
Kevin Asp, RPSGT, CRT
The AAST has consistently provided high quality educational tools that keep my staff on the cutting edge of sleep technology.
Rita Brooks, MEd, RST, RPSGT, REEG/EPT
I have been a member since I started as a sleep tech. Through the AAST I have met, made friends and networked with a variety of sleep professionals from physicians, vendors, fellow techs to students.
Joanne Hebding, RPSGT, RST
Through my years in sleep, the AAST has been invaluable in developing professional and personal relationships.
David Wolfe, MSEd, RRT-SDS, RST, RPSGT



Benefits of Becoming a Member

The AAST is the strongest, most effective advocate for sleep technologists and the most comprehensive resource for networking and education for our members.

List of Benefits

  • FREE Member CECs

    FREE Member CECs AAST members receive FREE access to two new online learning modules per month. You will be able to sharpen your professional understanding while earning up to 24 CECs at no extra charge. Along with the 8 CECs you can earn by reading A2Zzz, your AAST membership enables you to earn up to 32 CECs per year!

  • Exclusive Educational Resources

    Exclusive Educational Resources AAST educators are continuously developing new resources for sleep technologists to adapt to the changes in sleep medicine. Each month, members receive free access to the newest Case of the Month and Journal Club presentations. These online modules are developed to help refine members' skills and keep up with the latest advancements in sleep technology. Additional resources developed by the AAST serve to assist sleep technicians in their preparation for certification.

  • Discounts on Events and Educational Products

    Discounts on Events and Educational Products Members receive discounts on registration fees to the AAST Annual Meeting, and seasonal AAST courses. Members will save on all AAST products including handbooks, online presentations, certification preparation materials, promotional products and more.

  • A2Zzz - The Official Publication of the AAST

    A2Zzz - The Official Publication of the AAST Members receive an online subscription to the quarterly magazine A2Zzz. This sleep technologist-focused publication includes editorials, lessons, research and news from the AAST leaders in the sleep industry. Members of the AAST are encouraged to submit articles for publication in A2Zzz. By reading A2Zzz, you can earn up to 8 CECs per year.

  • Career Resources

    Career Resources Gain access to the AAST Job Board and other exclusive resources that you can use to advance your career. Members will be able to search for job openings or create job posts. The AAST career center also features guides on how to become a sleep technologist, core competencies required for the job and technical guidelines.

  • Advocacy

    Advocacy The AAST is the leading advocate for the sleep technology profession, working to defend and expand the independent practice of sleep technology across the United States. On a federal and state level, the AAST monitors government action and provides a united voice.

  • Networking

    Networking Meet, socialize and collaborate with likeminded professionals by joining the AAST. From the networking reception at the AAST annual meeting to the various courses offered by the AAST, members enjoy numerous opportunities for in-person networking. Members also receive an annual directory that includes more than 15,000 sleep technologists, physicians and staff that are members of the AAST, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

  • Standardized Education

    Standardized Education The AAST plays a leading role in the standardization of sleep technology education. The AAST along with the AASM, BRPT and CAAHEP have collaborated to establish, maintain and promote appropriate standards of quality for educational programs in sleep technology. Educational programs that meet or exceed the minimum standards outlined in the CAAHEP Standards of Accreditation are recognized for their quality. CAAHEP provides accreditation services for sleep technology programs through the Committee on Accreditation for Polysomnographic Technologist Education (CoA PSG). The AAST supports the CoA PSG as well as the AASM's Accredited Sleep Technologist Education Program (A-STEP).

  • CEC Transcripts

    CEC Transcripts AAST Members gain access to the AAST's online transcript system that tracks Continuing Educational Credits. Members can print the transcript to demonstrate completion of the continuing education requirements for maintenance of certification.

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteer Opportunities Members can advance their career and help the sleep technology field by volunteering for AAST standing committees including the CEC Accreditation Committee, Ethics Committee, Education Products Committee, Membership & Communications Committee, Program Committee, Regulatory & Legislature Advisory Committee and Standards and Guidelines Committee.

  • Award Recognition

    Award Recognition Each year the AAST recognizes individual members for their professional excellence, service and commitment to the association and to the sleep technology profession. AAST award recipients are recognized at the Annual Meeting. Each recipient receives a plaque, complimentary registration to the AAST Annual Meeting and reimbursement for travel, hotel accommodations and meals. 


Regular Members

Regular members are individuals whose primary employment is in the sleep technology profession. Regular members may serve as officers of the Corporation, on the Board of Directors, on Committees and have full voting privileges. Regular members receive online access to A2Zzz magazine. A professional address must be provided to apply for this membership classification.

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Student Members

Students enrolled in a formal training program for sleep technology may apply to become student members of the AAST.

Student members receive the same benefits as regular AAST members, except they are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors or Committees and do not have voting privileges.

Student members receive online access to A2Zzz magazine. Individual members may remain student members for the length of their education, or a maximum of two years.


Associate Member

Associate membership is a category for individuals with an interest in the sleep technology profession who do not qualify under any other membership category.

Associate members have the same benefits as regular AAST members, except they are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors or Committees and do no have voting privileges.

Associate members receive online access to A2Zzz magazine.


Supporter Members

Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper

The Supporter Member program is reserved for corporations that promote the purposes of the AAST through financial support of the AAST.

Supporter members will receive benefits as defined by the Board of Directors for their respective level of supporter membership. Supporter members are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors or Committees and do not have voting privileges. Supporter members also receive online access to A2Zzz  magazine.

Click here to be directed to our supporter member page.

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Membership Directory

Members also receive an annual directory that includes more than 15,000 sleep technologists, physicians and staff that are members of the AAST, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. 

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