About AAST

AAST is the premier allied health membership association for professionals dedicated to improving the quality of sleep and wakefulness in all people. AAST is committed to promoting and advancing the sleep technologist profession while meeting the professional and educational needs of more than 2,200 members.

Sleep technologists have a deep understanding of the various diagnostic and therapeutic tools used in a sleep center. These professionals are trained in relevant aspects of sleep medicine so they may assist in the evaluation and follow-up care of patients with sleep disorders. Most sleep technologists are credentialed by the American Board of Sleep Medicine or the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists.

For information about sleep technology professions, view the scope of practice developed by AAST.

Established in 1978 and incorporated in 1986, a detailed history of the formation and development of AAST is available.

AAST encourages the sleep technology profession to maintain the highest level of professionalism and honorable behavior, as stated in the AAST Principles of Ethical Standards.


AAST provides education, resources and advocacy, and leads sleep-care professionals to be the most knowledgeable in the field resulting in the highest quality of care for patients.


AAST will play a key role in setting the standard for professional excellence in the evolving practice of sleep healthcare.


  • Make a difference in the quality of care provided by our members
  • Respond to our members needs with service programs founded with integrity
  • Provide quality products and services
  • Conduct business in an ethical and professional manner
  • Be accessible and accountable to our members
  • Treat individuals with compassion, respect, dignity and fairness
  • Value individual contribution in an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration
  • Encourage open communication and welcome diversity of opinions

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

AAST proudly stands against racism and social injustice in all of its forms. We believe in the equality of all human beings, and recommit today to advocate passionately for diversity, equality and inclusion for all members of the sleep health community.

Sleep health and sleep disorders are indeed colorblind to race.  As healthcare providers and facilitators, AAST members aspire to treat all patients with the same degree of care and compassion.  As healthcare professionals we always strive to do better: personally and professionally.

As organizational leaders, we vow not to remain silent when we see racism or injustice in action.  As a society AAST is committed to examining our current practices, individually and as an organization.


AAST is a proud to partner with Start School Later, a coalition of health professionals, sleep scientists, educators, parents, students, and other concerned citizens dedicated to increasing public awareness about the relationship between sleep and school hours.

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AAST Bylaws

The Bylaws of AAST establish the organization's structure and operation. These Bylaws have been approved by the AAST Board of Directors.

Click here to view the AAST Bylaws