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Thank You for Celebrating STAW 2017 With  AAST!
The significance of sleep technologists appreciation week allows the sleep field community an opportunity to applaud the numerous accomplishments made in the sleep disorders centers, laboratories, educational facilities, and in AAST. 

Work places and groups around the country celebrate Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week by hosting dinners, holding staff contests, and distributing promotional items available through  AAST.  

Here are some of the many cool ways AAST celebrated STAW 2017:

  • Crossword Puzzles and Flash Facts all geared up around ways to unplug from electronics and ways to recharge your life. Submission of each will be randomly selected to win some neat prizes!
  • Super easy and tasty nighttime recipes will be compiled into an E-Book for easy access!
  • Interested in traveling through North America? Participate in this treasure hunt!
  • Need to unwind without electronics, but searching for some suggestions? View a calendar of “31 Things You Can Do To Take a Break from Electronics.”
  • Calling all photographers, writers, and artists! Submit your poetry, short stories, drawings, or photographs to a Tech Talent Contest and win a prize!  
Download the full STAW 2017 Calendar with activities below. 

STAW 2017 Calendar

Looking for Answers to  STAW Activites?
Download answer keys from the activities and view the winners here.

How Did you Celebrate Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week This Year?
Share your photos and memories from STAW on social media with the hashtags #AAST #STAW2017 and #UnplugToRecharge.

We look forward to celebrating Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week 2018 with you!