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By: Kevin Asp on June 29th, 2016

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AAST Member of the Month: Steven Klinger

Sleep Technologist Advice


Laura Linley, AAST President presents the AAST New Technologist Award at the 38th Annual AAST meeting!

Meet Steven Klinger, the AAST member of the month!

Every month, the AAST will highlight the accomplishments of one of our talented members.

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1. Where are you from and where do you practice today?

I am from Howard Beach NY. I practice as a sleep technologist at New York Methodist Sleep Center and St. Charles Sleep Disorder Center.

 2. How did you get involved in sleep medicine?

Almost half of the people I know, including myself have trouble sleeping. I have long been interested in the brain’s functioning during sleep, and up until a couple of year ago, was not aware of the field of Polysomnography. Monitoring brain and respiratory functioning is an exciting field to be a part of, and it also involves helping people, which I have always had a calling for.

3. What are you doing today in sleep medicine?

Just like the tide my job is ever changing. Easing patients’ fears when they first arrive for the diagnostic process is a crucial requirement for all sleep study procedures.  I do my best to connect with those I serve and I feel very passionate about the importance of building relationships with my patients.  In many instances my team members ask for my expertise when handling frightened and or challenging patients. General area of my work is focused on polysomnographic studies on patients that are at high risk for sleep disorders. Patient education and being able to convey true compassion and support for longtime sufferers is very fulfilling.

4. When did you become a member of the AAST?

I became a member two years ago.

5. Did anyone encourage you to become a member at any point?

One of my mentors Brendan Duffy recommended that I engage in the AAST.

6. Benefits of being a member?

The opportunity for ongoing education, meeting and networking with professionals across the industry, and staying updated on the latest technology and resources across the field.

7. Importance for technologists to join AAST?

I knew early on that as the exciting opportunities in the sleep field grew, I wanted to grow with it.  The AAST provides great opportunities for new technologists.  Building partnerships, continuing  education, and mentorship opportunities have been provided to me since joining the AAST.

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