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By: AAST Editor on April 25th, 2019

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Monthly Musing: Should Patients Drink Alcohol Before a Sleep Study?

sleep technologist | monthly musings

Patients drinking alcohol is not something that would normally happen before a medical visit. But in sleep medicine, sometimes it might be the key to getting the best snapshot of a patient’s sleep ailments.

Allowing patients to drink before a sleep study is a controversial topic. However, some argue if it is part of their normal nighttime routine, it should be considered when looking for potential problems.

AAST asked our social media following for their thoughts on the topic.

Tracy Kopp, RPSGT, CCSH:

“I think they should mimic as closely as possible what they do at home before bed. It helps the physician with their diagnosis and treatment plan. It may even give ammunition for the physician to persuade the patient to reduce or eliminate their alcohol consumption.”

AAST Member:

“If that's what they normally do.”

Anonymous Sleep Technologist:

“No way! Some patients are hard enough to deal with, let alone be tipsy too.”

AAST Member:

“I think it's a necessity if we want to collect accurate sleep data. However, there need to be rules.”

What do you think?