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Chris Kelly, Cert DT, Adv Cert DP, GradCertScMed

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CPAP | cpap therapy

A New Direction for Oral Appliance and CPAP Combination Therapy

By: Chris Kelly, Cert DT, Adv Cert DP, GradCertScMed
November 10th, 2022

Oral appliances and apparatus have been in existence in one way or another since 1923 when a dental surgeon and physician named Pierre Robin found that babies with micrognathia and posteriorly placed tongue (glossoptosis) not only had difficulty with feeding, but also had issues with breathing in general.1 It was from these observations, and the previous work of Lannelongue and Menard in 1891,1 that Robin subsequently published the first case of an infant with the complete Pierre Robin Syndrome (PRS) (sequence) in 1926.2 The idea of posteriorly positioned tongues and lower jaws narrowing the pharyngeal airway in general, outside of PRS, was to be further postulated for the next 30 years and a generation of dental academics.

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