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By: Tamara Sellman, RPSGT, CCSH on February 5th, 2021

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Recent Circadian Rhythm News, Winter 2021

CIRCADIAN WIRE final 1Circadian Wire is an occasional supplemental news report 
capturing circadian rhythm news of relevant interest to sleep
technologists and sleep health educators not featured in 
our regular news series, This Week in Sleep Medicine.


NOTE: Some links might require additional registration or password access. If you work in a sleep clinic, hospital system, or research institution, you should be able to allocate access through them. 
  1. Sleep Medicine : Acoustic enhancement of slow wave sleep on consecutive nights improves alertness and attention in chronically short sleepers [JAN 30, 2021]
  2. Sleep Medicine : Genetic variants for morningness in relation to habitual sleep-wake behavior and diurnal preference in a population-based sample of 17,243 adults [JAN 30, 2021]
  3. Sleep Medicine : Prompt improvement of difficulty with sleep initiation and waking up in the morning and daytime somnolence by combination therapy of suvorexant and ramelteon in delayed sleep-wake phase disorder: A case series of three patients [JAN 29, 2021]
  4. GQ : The Road to Better Sleep Begins the Moment You Wake Up [JAN 27, 2021]
  5. University of Washington : On nights before a full moon, people go to bed later and sleep less, study shows [JAN 27, 2021]
  6. Popular Science : Can a happy lamp help cure your winter blues? [JAN 24, 2021]
  7. Inverse : Fight off disease by making this one change to your nighttime routine [JAN 21, 2021]
  8. Sleep Medicine Reviews : A systematic review and meta-analysis of the association between shift work and metabolic syndrome: The roles of sleep, gender, and type of shift work [JAN 20, 2021]
  9. Good Housekeeping : When Is the Best Time to Sleep? How to Calculate Your Perfect Bedtime Using Your Body's Clock [JAN 18, 2021]
  10. Sleep Medicine Reviews : Endogenous melatonin and sleep in individuals with Rare Genetic Neurodevelopmental Disorders (RGND): A systematic review [JAN 17, 2021]
  11. Fierce Biotech : How a gene linked to the circadian clock could point to new prostate cancer treatments [JAN 15, 2021]
  12. Rensselaer News : Immune System Killer Cells Controlled by Circadian Rhythms [JAN 12, 2021]
  13. Sleep Health : Big 5 personality traits and intraindividual variability in sleep duration, continuity, and timing [JAN 20, 2021]
  14. The Strand : Learning online, losing sleep: Online classes worsen student sleep schedules [JAN 19, 2021]
  15. US News & World Report : Does Melatonin Work for Sleep? [JAN 15, 2021]
  16. Hartford HealthCare : What You Eat During The Day Can Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep [JAN 7, 2021]
  17. Task & Purpose : The Navy has a new plan to help sailors sleep better at sea, assuming leaders follow the rules [JAN 6, 2021]
  18. Medical Xpress : New study on circadian clock shows 'junk DNA' plays a key role in regulating rhythms [JAN 4, 2021]
  19. Physician's Weekly : Eating habits, sleep, and a proxy for circadian disruption are correlated with dyslipidemia in overweight night workers [JAN 4, 2021]
  20. Space Daily : NASA studies fruit flies to understand astronaut sleep cycles [JAN 1, 2021]
  21. Sleep Review: Melatonin’s Place in the Treatment of Breast Cancer [DEC 28, 2020]
  22. SLEEP : Rest-activity rhythm disturbance in liver cirrhosis and association with cognitive impairment [DEC 25, 2020]
  23. The Gazette : Adjust the lighting in your home daily for better health [DEC 19, 2020]
  24. Pew Biomedical : Researchers Explore How the Human Body Senses Temperature [DEC 18, 2020]
  25. Psychology Today : Sleep, Nutrition, and Time: What You Need to Know [DEC 18, 2020]