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By: Tamara Sellman, RPSGT, CCSH on October 9th, 2020

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Recent Circadian Rhythm News, October 2020

CIRCADIAN WIRE final 1Circadian Wire is an occasional supplemental news report 
capturing circadian rhythm news of relevant interest to sleep
technologists and sleep health educators not featured in 
our regular news series, This Week in Sleep Medicine.


NOTE: Some links might require additional registration or password access. If you work in a sleep clinic, hospital system, or research institution, you should be able to allocate access through them. 
  1. Circadian Sleep Disorders Network : The Circadian: The Newsletter of the Circadian Sleep Disorders Network (CSD-N) [OCT 5, 2020]
  2. Providence Journal : Sleep-deprived: 32-hour shifts are becoming more common among officers at the short-staffed ACI [OCT 3, 2020]
  3. Today : Should daylight saving time be made permanent? Why health experts say no [SEPT 30, 2020]
  4. Well + Good : Change in Season Can Definitely Affect Sleep—Here’s How To Set Yourself Up for Shut-Eye Success [SEPT 30, 2020]
  5. Defense One : Study: Sleeping in Shifts More Likely To Lead to Neurological Disorders [SEPT 27, 2020]
  6. Sleep Review : Type 2 Diabetes May Be Exacerbated by ‘Night Owl’ Chronotype [SEPT 22, 2020]
  7. SLEEP : The evening light environment in hospitals can be designed to produce less disruptive effects on the circadian system and improve sleep [SEPT 21, 2020]
  8. Sleep Medicine : Association between night-shift work and level of melatonin: systematic review and meta-analysis [SEPT 19, 2020]
  9. Center for Environmental Therapeutics : What the Eye Tells the Brain [SEPT 15, 2020]
  10. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine : Sleep and circadian instability in delayed sleep-wake phase disorder [SEPT 15, 2020]
  11. Endocrine Today : Circadian rhythm disruption may accelerate aging, drive cardiometabolic disease [SEPT 14, 2020]
  12. SLEEP : Melanopsin-dependent phototransduction is impaired in delayed sleep–wake phase disorder and sighted non–24-hour sleep–wake rhythm disorder [SEPT 14, 2020]
  13. Sleep Review : Scientists ID New Circadian Clock Mechanism [SEPT 14, 2020]
  14. SLEEP : Predicting circadian misalignment with wearable technology: Validation of wrist-worn actigraphy and photometry in night shift workers [SEPT 11, 2020]
  15. Pharmacy Times : Melatonin and its Appropriate Use in Sleep Disorders [SEPT 9, 2020]
  16. Sleep Review : Does the ‘Caff-Nap’ Work for Shift Workers? [SEPT 8, 2020]
  17. MedicalXpress : Study of circadian rhythm reveals differences in men and women [SEPT 4, 2020]
  18. University of Rochester Medical Center : Circadian rhythms help guide waste from brain [SEPT 2, 2020]
  19. Center for Environmental Therapeutics : Melatonin and Its Uses [AUG 31, 2020]
  20. Center for Environmental Therapeutics : Circadian Misalignment: A Biological Basis for Mood Vulnerability in Shift Work [AUG 21, 2020]
  21. Center for Environmental Therapeutics : How We Keep Our Circadian Rhythms from Drifting [AUG 21, 2020]
  22. Journal of Sleep Research : How does cessation of work affect sleep? Prospective analyses of sleep duration, timing and efficiency from the Swedish Retirement Study [AUG 19, 2020]
  23. Sleep Medicine : Increase in eveningness and insufficient sleep among adults in population-based cross-sections from 2007 to 2017 [AUG 19, 2020]
  24. Center for Environmental Therapeutics : The Ecological Impacts of Light at Night [AUG 17, 2020]
  25. Center for Environmental Therapeutics : Life and Light in a Nursing Home [AUG 17, 2020]