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By: Tamara Sellman, RPSGT, CCSH on April 10th, 2020

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Recent Pediatric Sleep News, Spring 2020

PEDIATRIC SLEEP WIRE final 1Pediatric Sleep Wire is an occasional supplemental news report capturing pediatric sleep news of relevant interest to sleep technologists and sleep health educators not featured in our regular news series, This Week in Sleep Medicine.


NOTE: Some links might require additional registration or password access. If you work in a sleep clinic, hospital system, or research institution, you should be able to allocate access through them. 
  1. Wiley : Early bedtime may help children maintain healthy weight [APR 8, 2020]
  2. Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences : Babies retain even detailed events during a nap [APR 7, 2020]
  3. University of Colorado Boulder : Teen marijuana use boosts risk of adult insomnia [MAR 31, 2020]
  4. American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics : Pediatric sleep-disordered breathing in the orthodontic population: Prevalence of positive risk and associations [MAR 30, 2020]
  5. Pediatric Nephrology : Frequency of Moderate-To-Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome Among Children With Snoring and Blood Pressure in the Hypertensive Range [MAR 30, 2020]
  6. The Journal of the American Dental Association : Social, emotional, and behavioral problems and parent-reported sleep bruxism in schoolchildren [MAR 26, 2020]
  7. Nascer e Crescer (Birth and Growth Medical Journal) : Behavioral insomnia in a pediatric sleep clinic: retrospective study [MAR 24, 2020]
  8. Thorax : Childhood OSA is an independent determinant of blood pressure in adulthood: longitudinal follow-up study [MAR 24, 2020]
  9. BMC Public Health : Short-term efficacy of reducing screen media use on physical activity, sleep, and physiological stress in families with children aged 4–14: study protocol for the SCREENS randomized controlled trial [MAR 23, 2020]
  10. Endocrinology Advisor : CGM Use Improves Sleep of Children With T1D but May Disrupt Parents’ Sleep [MAR 23, 2020]
  11. Sleep Medicine Reviews : Risk and Protective Factors and Processes for Behavioral Sleep Problems among Preschool and Early School-aged Children: A Systematic Review [MAR 20, 2020]
  12. BMJ Open : Pediatric Adenotonsillectomy Trial for Snoring (PATS): protocol for a randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effect of adenotonsillectomy in treating mild obstructive sleep-disordered breathing [MAR 15, 2020]
  13. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine : School start time change and motor vehicle crashes in adolescent drivers [MAR 15, 2020]
  14. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine : Tracheal sounds for the scoring of sleep respiratory events in children [MAR 15, 2020]
  15. Sleep Medicine Reviews : The relationship between sleep duration and mood in adolescents: A systematic review and meta-analysis [MAR 13, 2020]
  16. Paediatric Anaesthesia : Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Preoperative and Neurocognitive Considerations for Perioperative Management [MAR 12, 2020]
  17. SLEEP : Behavioral interventions for sleep disturbances in children with neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials [MAR 12, 2020]
  18. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health : Medications for sleep disturbance in children and adolescents with depression: a survey of Canadian child and adolescent psychiatrists [MAR 10, 2020]
  19. BMJ : Persistent sleep difficulties in infancy linked to heightened risk of childhood anxieties [MAR 9, 2020]
  20. bioRxiv : Wide awake at bedtime? The effects of caffeine on sleep and circadian timing in teenagers - a randomized crossover trial [MAR 6, 2020]
  21. Sleep Medicine : The Potential Role of Clock Genes in Children Attention-deficit/hyperactivity Disorder [MAR 5, 2020]
  22. JMIR Mental Health : Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia for Adolescents With Mental Health Problems: Feasibility Open Trial [MAR 3, 2020]
  23. Autism in Adulthood : Sleep Quality in Autism from Adolescence to Old Age [MAR 2, 2020]
  24. Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry : The Effects of Extended-Release Stimulant Medication on Sleep in Children with ADHD [MAR 1, 2020]
  25. ABC 15 News : Parents turn to melatonin to help children struggling with bedtime [FEB 28, 2020]