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By: AAST Associate Editor on October 26th, 2021

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Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week 2021 Honorees: Part 2

STAW | Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week

Throughout Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week (STAW), we will be highlighting a few of our 2021 STAW honorees. These honorees have been nominated by their peers for their hard work and dedication to the sleep industry and community.

Click here to view part 1.


Ronda Jo DehaaiRonda Jo Dehaai

Location: Frankfort, Indiana

Nominated by: Ann R. Powell

“Ronda Jo went from being an RRT in the inpatient setting to being a sleep tech in April of this year. She is learning so much in a short amount of time. Ronda Jo really takes the time with each patient to find out what matters most to the patient and delivers our promise each and every day! I believe Ronda Jo deserves this recognition. I am so proud of her!!!!”


Derek DudaDerek Duda

Location: Ontario, Canada

Nominated by: Amy Bender

“I would like to recognize Derek Duda for Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week for the amazing sleep technologist he is. I have only worked with Derek for a short time but have been impressed with his attention to detail and depth of knowledge in the sleep field. He has gone above and beyond what was required for a project we have been collaborating on. Derek is actively involved in making sure quality assurance standards for laboratories are being met and he has also been working on a few new sleep products to provide clinicians a more accurate recording. Thank you Derek for your amazing contributions to the sleep field!”

Brendan DuffyBrendan Duffy

Location: Port Jefferson, New York

Nominated by: Amy Bender

“Shoutout goes to Brendan Duffy for Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week for the outstanding sleep technologist he is. As director of five hospital-based sleep centers and one off-site pediatric sleep center, he has the experience and knowledge of what it takes to make a lab run smoothly. He is actively involved in sleep outreach activities as an AAST board member and a member of the AAST Editorial Committee. He speaks nationally on several sleep/wake issues especially as it relates to sports performance and recovery. Thank you Brendan for your amazing contributions to the sleep field!”


Kisty FowlerKisty Fowler

Location: Cleveland, Ohio   

Nominated by: Sally Ibrahim

“Kisty Fowler is devoted to quality improvements, patient experience and pediatric sleep care delivery. She is diligent in her care of all patients regardless of background and developmental needs. Her service to our program is exemplary and we appreciate her devotion and professionalism.”


 Shawn GabrielShawn Gabriel

Location: Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington

Nominated by: Matthew Gomez

“Shawn is an Air Force veteran and a sleep technologist. He will greet his patients, who are also veterans, at the front door of the VA medical center, with a big smile and he thanks them for their service. The veterans really appreciate the welcoming to the VA and their anxiety is lessened. Shawn is very professional, takes his job seriously and never calls in sick! He even works weekends so working veterans won't miss their work. I know how wonderful Shawn is as he did my sleep study six years ago when I just got back from Afghanistan and had PTSD. Shawn should be recognized for his efforts to bring the highest standard of care provided by sleep technicians to the patients. He provides selfless service and brings the best to the field of sleep technicians.”


Zedan GanimZedan Ganim

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Nominated by: Sally Ibrahim

“Zedan helps with our pediatric sleep studies. Families have given positive feedback in his delivery of a family-friendly environment and dedication to their child's care. We are grateful for his quality studies and compassion to families. Thank you!”


Angela GiudiceAngela Giudice

Location: Winter Haven, Florida

Nominated by: Alex Lucio 

“Angie is unique in many ways. While her clinical experience and decades of working with patients are notable, here at 3B Medical she has also worked to develop innovations in sleep therapy to benefit patients. It is unusual to see a sleep tech on a patent, but Angie is on several. She has pushed 3B Medical to go beyond traditional ways of thinking, developing a novel adhesive pediatric mask to address use of non-invasive ventilation in neo-natal intensive care units. She has also had a role in interface development based on her experience in fitting non-compliant patients. In short, Angie has excelled clinically as a sleep tech; as director of clinical education she has also excelled in educating patients and other clinicians; and, additionally, she has also grown into working with our product development team as a patient advocate for lighter and more comfortable solutions for interface design.”


Ashley GreenAshley Green

Location: Butler, Pennsylvania

Nominated by: Kevin Wolfe

“Ashley has an unapparelled passion and commitment to her craft that has benefited every patient, fellow employee and provider she has encountered over the years with a level of care and compassion that is second to none. Ashley's attention to detail and her drive to succeed has not only served her well but has pushed the organization forward, improving the process in which we perform our duties and the overall outcomes and care of our patients.”


Amanda GregoryAmanda Gregory

Location: Suffolk, Virginia

Nominated by: Steven Tompa

“Amanda Gregory is a dedicated member of the sleep technology workforce. She is patient about her patients and has been all across the world, including Germany, as a traveling sleep technologist helping people with their sleep health. She holds a bachelor's degree in health science from Old Dominion University and currently works for Sentara Healthcare at the OBICI Sleep Center. She is passionate about her patients and sincerely thrives to provide excellent patient experiences.”


Heather HaydenHeather Hayden

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Nominated by: Sally Ibrahim

“Heather Hayden is one of our pediatric sleep technologists, helping deliver family-friendly services to our patients. She was recently praised by our leadership for excellence in patient care. Thank you!”


Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week

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