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By: AAST Associate Editor on October 28th, 2021

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Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week 2021 Honorees: Part 4

STAW | Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week

Throughout STAW, we will be highlighting a few of our 2021 Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week Honorees. These honorees have been nominated by their peers for their hard work and dedication to the sleep industry and community.

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Stanley MooreStanley Moore

Location: Montgomery, Alabama

Nominated by: George Mangum

“Stanley has been an RPSGT for well over a decade and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. He is patient, kind and generous and our patients rave about him and how well he treats them. Whether you are a brand new sleep tech or a nurse practitioner, Stanley treats you with the utmost respect and really takes the time to teach you the ins and outs of sleep. Stanley often works five to six nights a week which is incredible. I've had the privilege of working with him on many occasions and he's always the same Stanley. He's an all-star.”


Jill MurphyJill Murphy

Location: Cleveland, Ohio   

Nominated by: Sally Ibrahim

“Jill Murphy is one of our pediatric sleep technologists who exemplifies pediatric-friendly care to our patients. She also helps support communication processes with our scoring staff.  We thank her for her dedication and support to our families. Thank you!”


Matthew O'MalleyMatthew OMalley

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Nominated by: Sally Ibrahim

“Matthew O'Malley is dedicated to quality scoring and is consistently helpful to anyone who asks him for assistance. His heart is in his service and he always maintains his professionalism. I would also like to honor him for his help with the national PATS study and his dedication to sleep research. Thank you!”


Joshua PantierJoshua Pantier

Location: Laramie, Wyoming

Nominated by: Kirk Stratton

“Joshua Pantier has just started in sleep medicine, coming from a respiratory therapy background. He has shown an interest in how sleep can improve health and his background in respiratory therapy helps him understand the use of PAP, which offers him insight into complex sleep apnea. He has shown an ability to talk with patients and explain procedures along with results to individuals from various backgrounds and ages, and he has a way of making everyone feel at ease in a strange and new environment. His calm nature makes patients except therapy with calmness and confidence, which helps our doctors improve care. Joshua has shown that he is an asset to sleep medicine.”


Zoe PouliotZoe Pouliot

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Nominated by: Gloria McKnight

“Zoe takes great initiative in our private sleep study program, dealing with Level 2 and Level 3 studies. She ensures they are promptly scored before providing them to the sleep specialist for interpretation. With our new Level 2 home studies, she has learned all aspects of the equipment and has opted to score these herself. She has detailed professional discussions with all private patients to ensure they understand their sleep diagnosis as well as their options. She is a master troubleshooter for all sleep patients and therapy modalities.”


Denise Ravalli SciandraDenise Ravalli Sciandra

Location: Suffolk, Virginia

Nominated by: Steven Tompa

“Denise Ravalli Sciandra is an amazing asset to the sleep technology field through her patience and special care with her patients. She works at Sentara BelleHarbour Sleep Center providing countless nights to help her patients with their sleep disorders and breathing issues. She goes the extra mile to provide extra smiles and a calm attitude when patients are scared, nervous or anxious from coming to the clinical environment for sleep studies and treatments.”


Sarah RizzoSarah Rizzo

Location: Tinley Park, Illinois

Nominated by: Sara Assaf, Christina Atilano,  Karina Catalan, Florencio Chagolla, Kim Chaney, Nikki Coates, Ryland Ford, Julie Gillispie, Yahaira Morales, Leila Nafi, Jessica Newcomb, Mark Newcomb, Jeremy Noyes, Julie Noyes, Charlene Parham and Jasmine Scanlon

Sara A: " Sarah is a very hard worker and a great learner. She is a great person and is amazing with patients."

Christina A: "Sarah is absolutely wonderful and knowledgeable about her field. She makes me feel comfortable. Thank you Sarah!"

Karina C: "Sarah goes above and beyond for her patients and her staff. She is the first one in the office and the last one out, serving her patients and making sure her team is happy."

Florencio C: "Sarah is a very caring and giving person. She puts others first before herself, and she leads a great team  that recognizes her and appreciates her.  Sarah is always a dedicated person for any given task and she makes sure it gets done."

Kim C: "She is a dedicated, hard-working technologist that will go to great lengths to provide superior service to her patients. She has a powerful work ethic and goes beyond the call of duty to resolve an issue. Her patients find her warm, knowledgeable and comforting. She deserves the recognition of a superior sleep technologist."

Nikki C: "Sarah is very patient and kind. She helps to get patients through the sleep-testing process very quickly and makes sure they are educated on everything they need to know."

Ryland F: "Sarah is a very hard worker and she is an inspiration to her daughter. After meeting her and seeing her work ethic, it is unfair for her to go without recognition."

Julie G: "Sarah is so patient and kind. She explains in detail the procedure and what to do for follow-up."

Yahaira M: "There are very few people who go out of there way to make sure you are doing well. Sarah is an amazing person who does this and more, and she is there to support you in your goals, making sure you feel comfortable and safe. She's the most amazing technologist our team can have!"

Leila N: "Sleep technologists are just as important as  doctors. Sarah helps so much in highlighting how much sleep patients need."

Jessica N: “She is kind and caring, and treats you like family.”

Mark N: "Sarah is the best sleep technologist I've ever met. She listens to each and every question I have."

Jeremy N: "Sarah is very professional, informative and easy to talk to when handling patient care at the sleep center. She is very bubbly and just a pleasant person to have around. I wish there were more people like her because the way she explains everything and takes care of patients is so above and beyond."

Julie N: "Sarah shows such professionalism with all patients.  She is caring and sincere towards each of her patients. She is a team player, professional and thorough."

Charlene P: "The care and guidance that she gives to patients and her team is extraordinary!"

Jasmine S: "Sarah is very hard working and determined. She is always around to assist and make sure that we are doing our best."


Lauretta RobertsLauretta Roberts

Location: Hampton, Virginia

Nominated by: Steven Tompa

“Lauretta Roberts has served the sleep medical field for over 15 years and holds credentials of BSN, RN and RPSGT. She resides in Hampton, Virginia and currently works as a traveling nurse. She is an inspiration through her countless night shifts, providing respiratory treatment for patients with severe sleep apnea. Her patients love her, especially for her friendliness and compassion.”


Alana SherrillAlana Sherrill

Location: Newport Beach, California

Nominated by: Bradley Crowder

“Alana has been an exceptional leader through ever-changing times over the past year. She has implemented new COVID-safe processes, provided excellent care to the patients and brought the whole team together by constantly doing things to improve morale. It has been an honor to work with her.”


Jonathan SherrillJonathan Sherrill

Location: Los Angeles/Orange County, California

Nominated by: Robyn Woidtke

“Jonathan was a rock throughout the pandemic. During the middle of it all, his labs closed, but he made it his mission to ensure all of the the employees found new employment. He has also contributed greatly to the California Sleep Society by providing guidance in lab management during this time. He is passionate about sleep and committed to keeping the technologist role alive and a vibrant component of the sleep health community."

Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week

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