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By: AAST Associate Editor on October 29th, 2021

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Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week 2021 Honorees: Part 5

STAW | Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week

Throughout STAW, we will be highlighting a few of our 2021 Sleep Technologists Appreciation Week Honorees. These honorees have been nominated by their peers for their hard work and dedication to the sleep industry and community.

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Amir SouryalAmir Souryal

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Nominated by: Sally Ibrahim

“Amir Souryal helps with our pediatric studies. He has excellent communication and strives to help our entire center for both children and adults with daytime studies. Thank you!”



Katie SpauldingKatie Spaulding

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia   

Nominated by: Steven Tompa

“Katie Spaulding is an inspiration to the sleep medicine industry. She currently works for Sleep Specialists of Tidewater with Bayview Physicians Group in Virginia Beach. She has served over 15 years in various clinical facilities helping to improve the sleep quality and health care for her patients. She been a guest speaker at universities on patient care and tactics to assist challenging patients.”


Maria SterkelMaria Sterkel

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Nominated by: Sally Ibrahim

“Maria Sterkel consistently demonstrates compassion, excellence in her technical skills and patient experience with families. She is dedicated to sleep research and has been involved with the PATS trial. Her quality of care is outstanding and her professionalism is exemplary. Thank you!”


Tina StokelTina Stokel

Location: Norfolk, Virginia

Nominated by: Steven Tompa

“Tina Stokel is an inspiration to the sleep technology community through her work at Sentara Healthcare in Norfolk, Virginia, providing quality care for patients with pulmonary, neurology and other sleep disorders. She began her career in health care as a nursing assistant, stair stepping herself to become a licensed practical nurse at Charleston Area Medical Center in West Virginia and later transitioning into working as a registered polysomnographic technologist for children with sleep disorders at Children's Hospital of the Kings Daughters in Norfolk, Virginia. She has served her community with volunteer work through her church, Johns Hopkins University and other organizations. She is a true asset to health care and the field of sleep, and an inspiration to all of her patients, coworkers and community.”


Brian StrattonBrian Stratton

Location: Findlay, Ohio

Nominated by: Deb Klotz

“Brian has been a respiratory therapist working in sleep for many years. He is very dedicated to his patient care and gives them the care he would want to be given to his own family. He never sees his patients as strangers. He treats them all like he has known them for forever, joking and laughing with them to make them feel more comfortable. Brian gives the Blanchard Valley Sleep Disorder Center his all every time he works and is always willing to lend his fellow coworkers a helping hand, no matter what his workload may be for the night.”


Steven TompaSteven Tompa

Location: Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia

Nominated by:  Jarmah Brown, Angela Jiles-Charles, Patsy Lanham and Tina Stokel

Jarmah B: "Dr. Tompa is my favorite professor and he also works as a sleep technologist. He inspired me in my health science courses on how the human body requires proper sleep habits for mental and physical restoration in order to be successful in school and in my career. He educated me about the importance of a consistent bedtime, cooler temperatures, a dark room, a healthy diet, and no phone or television use during bedtime so that I could improve my sleep cycle routines. I am thankful for all he taught me and I am now promoting healthy sleep habits to my children."

Angela JC: “Steven inspires many patients, students and other sleep technologists. His doctoral research focuses on promoting better sleep habits for adolescents, and he has presented his findings at the Society of Adolescent Medicine, Virginia Academy of Sleep Medicine, Carolina Sleep Society, North Carolina Academy of Sleep Medicine and others. He is a true inspiration to the field of sleep technology.”

Patsy L: "Steven is a passionate sleep technologist supporting his patients with their respiratory treatment, ensuring proper mask and equipment education. He made a trip to my home to ease my panic and anxiety with my mask, helping me better understand how to apply it to avoid leaks and how to adjust my humidifier to the proper levels. He encouraged me to not give up with my CPAP machine and now I am grateful for consistent sleep patterns each night. Steven holds many credentials and is an inspiration as a sleep technologist and health sciences professor."

Tina S: “Steven inspires us with his positive attitude, teamwork and enthusiasm in the workforce. He is always compassionate, caring and respectful with his patients during their sleep studies and respiratory treatments. In addition, he inspires us with eagerness outside the sleep labs working as a health science professor and researcher in adolescent sleep health.”


Shari TrujilloShari Trujillo

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Nominated by: Cynthia Z. Crosby

“Shari Trujillo is one of those rare techs with a seldom seen perfect blend of great patient care, technical savviness, and service to both team and lab. Her response to covering a shift or coming in for a few hours to help a newer tech has consistently been, "Absolutely!" Inspire? Did someone say, 'Inspire?' She has also been doing Inspire fine tune titrations for five years.

She continues to ask what she can learn and how she can help, and her availability has inspired our leadership to recommit to the service aspect of leadership. Congratulations on your new and well-deserved role of team lead, Shari. We celebrate you and how you inspire us. Never stop.”


Emma WestEmma West

Location: Bangor, Maine

Nominated by: Shelley Braley

“Emma is the best example of excellence and is all about patient care, compassion, respect and making the workplace better. She does whatever needs to be done with the most positive attitude and professionalism. Emma is not afraid to "tell it like it is" and strive for the betterment of our team. I wish everyone were like her. I've never met anyone more passionate and motivated, and she deserves to be recognized!”


Jodie YerkesJodie Yerkes

Location: Lombard, Illinois

Nominated by: Jessica Blazey

“Having Jodie on our team is a matter of privilege. She strives to make a positive impact on each and every patient and coworker she meets. Her eagerness to learn and always do better is commendable and her 'monthly boards' bring a smile to her coworker's faces. We are so lucky to have Jodie on our team!”


Gladys ZambranoGladys Zambrano

Location: Modesto, California

Nominated by: Todd Usehr

“Gladys works very well under pressure and is very easy to talk to. She is a great listener and makes patients feel at ease. Gladys is also not afraid to take on new tasks or try new technologies. She is comfortable with new business processes and has proven to be a very dedicated and hard worker. Without hesitation, she will get the job done and rarely needs guidance. She is a reliable sleep technician (RRT-SDS) with the education, confidence and assertiveness to take care of patient needs.”

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