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By: Brendan Duffy on November 12th, 2015

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Why You Should be Voting In AAST Elections



Don’t Sleep on Your Right to Vote! Here is why every sleep technologist should be voting in AAST elections

 Do you have a moment? We need to talk. It won’t take long and it could be a life changer for your career. You see, I am wondering how our fine organization of over 4,500 members has such a low number of folks that take the time to vote. Less than 400 or so votes were tabulated in the last election. 

So, in essence, a tenth of the membership is actively charting the course for the entire organization. That is truly perplexing to me. Why would you take your hard earned money and pay your professional dues, but skip one of the greatest benefits of being a member - your right to vote?

“This is really not a good policy,“  “I think these need changing,”   “We need to head in a new direction,”   “I can’t agree with what they are doing right now”   “Why don’t they ask us about our jobs?”

All of the above are spoken sentiments by members in organizations that have elected officers. Many folks will spend time and energy to expound on these themes or a hybrid of these ideas, but yet they deny themselves an opportunity to bring about change within the organization. This is not fair to your career or your profession.  

Your Vote Matters

The process of voting has been made very simple as you can now vote online and in a matter of moments your voice becomes heard, your concerns become tabulated. You become part of the solution!

What is that you say? You do not know the members that are running for office? You are not sure of their views or backgrounds?   Easy fix! Prior to each election, the AAST posts information about all the candidates and what their viewpoints and experiences are.  

These officers and directors are elected to represent YOU! Do you want to be represented by someone that you did not choose––or do you want to actively help decide who will lead us forward in the ever changing landscape of sleep medicine and technology?

Voting is quick and easy

So…. Got a moment? Because in the short time you so graciously allotted to reading this blog, you could have voted in the last election…

It’s that simple… Do me a favor, or better yet, do yourself a favor, and make it a priority to exercise your right to elect your AAST representatives the next time we have the opportunity.

And as you get more and more involved in the process, perhaps one day down the road I will be voting for you!

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