The success of the AAST is due largely to volunteer committee members who provide an invaluable service to the association. By contributing through diverse activities and projects, standing committees assist the organization in advancing and promoting the sleep technology profession. Service on a standing committee is a three-year appointment. The AAST currently has six Standing Committees on which members can serve:

  • CEC Accreditation Committee
  • Educational Products Committee
  • Membership & Communications Committee
  • Program Committee
  • Regulatory & Legislative Advisory Committee
  • Standards and Guidelines Committee

The next call for volunteers will be in early 2018.

CEC Accreditation Committee

The mandate of the CEC Accreditation Committee is to review and recommend CE credits for sleep educational activities, including courses, lectures, workshops, and computer based learning activities, ensuring that all meet high standards and fulfill the CEC Program criteria approved by the AAST Board of Directors.

The committee is responsible for monitoring the CEC Program standards and procedures, and recommending changes to ensure that high quality educational programs are accredited by the AAST in accordance with credentialing organization requirements for recertification.

Committee Members

Steven Lenik, RST, RPSGT, Chair

Charli Evans, RST, RPSGT, Vice Chair

Jon Atkinson, BS, RPSGT, CCSH

Thomas Finstuen, RST, RPSGT, REEGT

Daniel Herold, RPSGT

Christine Cowen, RPSGT

Shannon Witherington, RPSGT, CCSH

Lisa Bond, RST, RPSGT

Michael Eden, RST, RPSGT

Educational Products Committee

The mandate of the Educational Products Committee is to propose, plan, develop, and disseminate educational products, including multimedia products that meet educational needs of the AAST members, public at large, and other professionals. The committee will review and evaluate existing educational materials on an ongoing basis.

Committee Members

Brandon Butters, RST, RPSGT, RRT, Chair

Kristie Dover, RST, RPSGT, Vice Chair

Ahmed El-Gendy, RST, RPSGT

Sarah Moe, RPSGT

Cheryl Rambaud, RPSGT, RRT


Dawn Filewych, RN, RPSGT


Rebecca Worley, RST, RPSGT

Julie DeWitte, RPSGT, RST, RCP, Board Liaison

Membership Advisory Council

The mandate of the Membership Advisory Council is to evaluate and promote the value of AAST membership, recommend ideas to attract new members, and suggest programs to retain existing members and enhance membership benefits.  The committee will plan and develop the theme and materials for Sleep Technologist Appreciation Week. This committee is responsible for developing social media content and outreach.

Committee Members

Sherri Hanson, RST, RPSGT, Chair

Rui de Sousa, RST, RPSGT, Vice Chair

Kimi Clark, RST, RPSGT


Marlene Grady, RST, RPSGT

Sonya Abercrombie, RPSGT

Kelsey Lawrence, RST, RPGST

Jennifer Schimizzi, RPSGT

Tracy L. Kopp, RPSGT, CCSH, CRT

Sarah Brennecka, BA, RPSGT

Brendan Duffy, RPSGT, Board Liaison

Program Committee

The mandate of the Program Committee is to prepare the educational program for the AAST Annual Meeting, and courses that meet the training and continuing education needs of the sleep profession. The committee is responsible for developing programs under the direction and guidance of the AAST Board of Directors.

Committee Members

Laree Fordyce, RST, RPSGT, CCSH, Chair

Pamela DeYoung, BA, RPSGT, Vice Chair

Patricia Gibson, RST, RPSGT

Marietta Bibbs, RPSGT, CCSH

Peggy Innocenti, RRT

Connstance Shivers-Smith, RST, RPSGT

Laurie Skinger, RST, RPSGT, RRT

Gary Lavalette, RST, RPSGT

Deborah Holderman, RPSGT

Andrea Ramberg, RPSGT

David Wolfe, MSEd, RRT-SDS, RST, RPSGT, Board Liaison

Regulatory and Legislative Advisory Committee

The mandate of the Regulatory and Legislative Advisory Committee is to research, document, and maintain the state regulatory and legislative requirements relevant to the practice of the sleep profession, support AAST state sleep society initiatives, and maintain the speakers bureau.

Committee Members

Sean Gipson, RPSGT, Chair

John Rojas, RPSGT, Vice Chair

Melissa Walsh, RST, RPSGT, REEGT, CCSH 

Ashlee Gora

Theresa Holt, RPSGT

Kristina Weaver, BSRC, RRT-NPS-SDS, RST, RPSGT, Board Liaison

Standards and Guidelines Committee

The mandate of the Standards and Guidelines Committee is to develop and update appropriate technical guidelines and competencies, educational care plans, and other tools for evaluation and monitoring patients with sleep disorders based on literature review, expert opinion, consensus, and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine accreditation standards and Clinical Practice Parameters.  

Committee Members

Roxanne Taylor, RST, RPSGT, Chair

Lata Casturi, MS, RST, RPSGT, CCSH, Vice Chair

"Massey" Arrington, MBA, RST, RPSGT

Matthew Anastasi, RST, RPSGT

Kala Bingham, RPSGT, RCP, CRT

Joel Porquez, BS, RST, RPSGT, CCSH, Board Liaison