2017 AAST CEC Program Applications

The American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST) Continuing Education Credit (CEC) Program provides Educational Providers with the opportunity to apply through one of the following educational categories and award their attendees AAST CECs. Each program must be applied for individually.

  1. In-Service/Case Conference – (one to two hour program)
  2. Single Lecture/Workshop – (one to two hour program)
  3. Educational Programs, Training Course, Seminar, etc. – (more than two hour program)
  4. Webinars – (one to two hour program)
  5. Pre-Recorded Learning Activities (i.e. CD-ROMs, DVDs, etc)

For more information on each category, instructions on applying, and other important information, please read the 2017 AAST CEC Program Information.

The standard 2017 AAST CEC Program Application will be sufficient for most traditional programs. Educational offerings that are pre-recorded such as videos, computer presentations, etc, use the Pre-Recorded Learning Activity Application

For educational programs and other long courses, you may find that you need additional Lecturer/Speaker Information Forms:

CEC Program Lecturer/Speaker Information Form
CEC Prerecording Lecturer/Speaker Information Form
CEC Prepackaged Lecturer/Speaker Information Form

Prepackaged CEC Learning Activity Program

The AAST’s Prepackaged CEC Learning Activity Program gives sleep center managers and educational providers access to formal training modules. These modules are an easy and cost effective way for educators and managers to provide high quality education on current topics. The module selection can be customized to meet your center and staff needs and assure that staff meet their CEC requirements. The program provides a maximum of five participants access to Case of the Month and Journal Club Modules, as well as the AAST’s HIPAA module for a fee of $65.00 for members ($80.00 for nonmembers for each module). For additional information, please view the Prepackaged CEC Learning Activity Program guidelines. When you are ready to apply, click here for the Prepackaged CEC Learning Activity Program Application.

CEC Program Documents

After your program has been approved and assigned a program number, the following documents will be useful.

Attendance Roster – Use this as a sign-in sheet. Keep this for your records.

Student List - All CEC programs must submit an electronic and typewritten copy of this form via e-mail to the AAST National Office at aastcec@aastweb.org within 45 days of completion of the program.

Evaluation Summary Sample – Enter a summary of feedback and comments for your educational offering, then e-mail to aastcec@aastweb.org within 45 days of the completion of your program. You can use this document as a guideline—be sure to only send the summary, not individual feedback.

Sample Certificate – All attendees need to be issued a certificate of completion. An example is attached.

AAST CEC Applications can be submitted via e-mail to aastcec@aastweb.org or mailed to:

American Association of Sleep Technologists
Attn: CEC Program
330 N. Wabash  Ave. Suite 2000 
Chicago, IL 60611

CEC Logo

The mission of the American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST) is to promote and advance the sleep technology profession through the continued development of educational, technical and clinical excellence in sleep disorders. To meet the growing professional and educational needs of the sleep technology profession, the AAST developed the Continuing Education Credit (CEC) Program.

The AAST has developed a special AAST CEC logo for educational providers to use for educational programs that have been awarded AAST CECs. Only current educational providers of AAST continuing education program may use this logo, and they must abide by the guidelines that have been developed to govern its use.

Request use of AAST CEC Logo