AAST is the leading advocate and the united voice for the sleep technologist profession. AAST supports the interests of sleep technologists by providing legislative support and monitoring government action on the state and federal level. 

State Directory

AAST has compiled a directory of legislation information for each state. Using this directory, you can review the statutory language for sleep technologists, coverage policies for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy for Obstructive Sleep and find information about state sleep societies to review their issues and updates.

State Sleep Society Support

State sleep societies are eligible to apply to AAST for limited funding for state legislative and regulatory activities. State sleep societies are eligible for awards up to $2,500 in matching funds. Societies are eligible for a single award in a calendar year. Requests for additional funds may be considered in subsequent years.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine also provides additional support to State Sleep Societies.  Click here for more information.

Legislative Issues Presentation

The AAST Regulatory and Legislative Advisory Committee developed a presentation that contains an summary of state legislative and regulatory activity affecting the sleep profession. This includes how AAST can assist with our legislative initiative, state statutory language for Sleep Technologists, recent state legislative issues, steps to introduce legislation and an overview of the AASM/AAST State Society Initiative.

Position Statements

As the leader in promoting excellence in sleep technology and quality patient care, AAST has adopted the following position statements regarding the sleep technologist profession:

Questions or comments may be directed to AAST HQ at info@aastweb.org or (312) 321-5191.