In Memory of Peter A. McGregor, RPSGT

This award was established in 1995 to honor Mr. McGregor, who was instrumental in forming the AAST in 1978. His vision and leadership has left an indelible mark on both the organization and field.


This award honors and recognizes an AAST member who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities through commitment to the growth and development of the AAST.


All current AAST members.


A member nominated for this award has demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment to the AAST:

  • Motivates and inspires others, leading by example;
  • Demonstrates a high level of commitment to the organization;
  • Creates a compelling vision for the future and helps others understand their role in achieving it;
  • Communicates in a manner that is fair, straightforward, honorable, and open;
  • Demonstrates integrity and maintains high personal standards.

Please provide detailed information to support the nomination:

  • Provide a description of the accomplishment.
  • Why does the nominee deserve to receive the Leadership Award?
  • What impact has the nominee’s accomplishment had on the AAST?
  • Has this individual demonstrated the criteria indicated above?
  • Additional comments.

The information provided will be used by the Awards Committee to determine the recipient of this award.

Past Recipients

2021 - Massey Arrington

2019 - Roxanne Taylor

2018 - Daniel Lane

2017 - Robyn Woidtke

2016- Kevin Asp

2015 - Shalanda Mitchell

2014 - Rose Anne Zumstein

2013 - Susan Hoefs

2012 - Allen Boone

2011 - W. Michael Chris

2010 - Jon Atkinson

2009 - Kristine Bresnehan Servidio

2008 - Regina Patrick

2007 - Jeffery W. Smith

2006 - Ramon Paquette

2005 - William Rivers

2004 - Connie Boker

2003 - Len Shigley

2002 - Melinda O. Trimble

2001 - Michelle Castonguay

2000 - Theresa M. Shumard

1999 - Joyce Black

1998 - Andrea Patterson

1997 - Marietta L. Bellamy-Bibbs

1996 - Glenn Roldan

1995 - Gary Hansen