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Now Claim Your CECs Directly Online

Posted by admin on Dec 24, 2013 12:00:00 AM

The AAST is releasing a new and improved method for members to claim their Continuing Education Credits for each issue of A2Zzz. As of this issue of the magazine, members may now claim their CECs directly online through the AAST website - no need to mail, email, or fax your completed evaluation form!

After logging into your AAST account and opening the A2Zzz page, you will see an additional button: "Earn CECs". Clicking on that button will take you to a page that lists the articles eligible for earning CECs. You will be able to click on the "Earn CECs" link next to each article name to claim the CEC for that article and complete a brief evaluation. Please note that only a maximum of 2.00 CECs can be earned, even if additional articles are eligible.

When you are completed with this process, the CECs will automatically be applied to your account, reflected on the "My CECs" page, and tracked on your AAST Transcript. Additionally, you will be able to print a certificate for each issue that you've claimed CECs for online.

The AAST National Office will still accept mailed, emailed, and faxed CEC Evaluation Forms for this issue of A2Zzz, as we understand that any new process takes time to learn and understand. We do however encourage you to try the online method as this will soon be the only method by which members can claim credits for A2Zzz. Should you have any questions while completing the online claims process, please contact the National Office at 630-737-9704.