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2014 Call for Volunteers

Posted by admin on Feb 4, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Impact the Sleep Technology Profession and Serve on an AAST Standing Committee

The American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST) invites members to serve on a standing committee. The success of the AAST is due largely to volunteer committee members who provide an invaluable service to the association. By contributing through diverse activities and projects, standing committees assist the organization in advancing and promoting the sleep technology profession. The AAST currently has six Standing Committees:

Continuing Education Credit (CEC) Accreditation Committee
The mandate of the CEC Accreditation Committee is to review and recommend CE credits for sleep technology educational activities, including courses, lectures, workshops and computer based learning activities ensuring that all meet high standards and fulfill the CEC Program criteria approved by the AAST Board of Directors.

In addition, the committee is responsible for monitoring the CEC Program standards and procedures and recommending changes to ensure that high quality educational programs are accredited by the AAST in accordance with the BRPT, ABSM, and NBRC requirements for recertification.

Educational Products Committee &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;
The mandate of the Educational Products Committee is to propose, plan, develop and disseminate educational products, including multimedia products that meet educational needs of the AAST members, public at large and other professionals interested in the sleep technology profession. In addition, the committee will review and evaluate the existing AAST materials that require updating or are no longer relevant to the educational objectives of the AAST.

Membership & Communications Committee &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;
The mandate of the Membership & Communications Committee is to promote and evaluate the value of AAST membership, recommend ideas to attract new members, suggest programs to retain existing members and enhance membership benefits. In addition, the committee will plan and develop the theme and materials for Sleep Technologist Appreciation Week, promote the sleep technology profession to the public and non-member technologists, and complete other projects as directed by the board of directors.

Program Committee
The mandate of the Program Committee is to prepare the educational program for the AAST Annual Meeting and all Technology courses that the Board of directors deem necessary to meet the training and continuing education needs of sleep technologists.

Regulatory and Legislative Advisory Committee
The mandate of the committee is to advise the national office about regulatory and legislative issues that could impact the sleep technology profession at a state and regional level. The committee will work with the national office to act as a conduit to state sleep societies to promote and advance the sleep technology profession and complete other projects as assigned by the board of directors.

Each member of the committee represents one of the six regions of the country and should be involved with a state or regional sleep society.

Standards and Guidelines Committee &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;
The mandate of the Standards and Guidelines Committee is to develop and update scientifically sound and appropriate guidelines for the practice of sleep technology based on literature review, expert opinion, consensus and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine accreditation standards and Clinical Practice Parameters. The committee will recommend and review standards and guidelines for the sleep technology profession and complete other projects as directed by the board of directors.

Interested members should note that service on a standing committee is a three-year appointment and will take effect upon the approval of the Board of Directors. Individuals will be notified in writing as to the status of their committee appointment.

Members interested in serving on one of the AAST Standing Committees will need to review the AAST Bylaws, Conflict of Interest Policy, and Confidentiality Agreement.

Members interested in serving on one of the AAST Standing Committees will need to submit the following documents to aast@aastweb.org by March 7, 2014:

1. AAST Standing Committee Interest Form
2. A brief letter of interest
3. Resume or Curriculum Vitae (no longer than three pages)
4. Conflict of Interest Form
5. Confidentiality Form
6. Principles of Ethical Standards
7. Social Media Policy

For additional information about the Call for Volunteers, please contact Katelyn Fullerton at the National Office, (630) 737-9704 or kfullerton@aastweb.org.