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In Case You Missed It: Sleep Tech Advice

Posted by AAST Editor on Nov 13, 2017 9:10:32 AM

As a sleep tech, you are always on the lookout for useful and relevant advice. AAST’s network of experts are hard at work producing compelling content on an ongoing basis, providing insight on the latest news and trends that only those on the inside can deliver.

In case you missed it, here are three of the most popular blogs from the past year that share sage advice to help address your greatest concerns:

  1. Traveling is a hassle in itself, and those with sleep apnea often struggle to handle traveling with their CPAP machine. Sleep techs working with CPAP patients should know the necessary steps to take when traveling so they can be prepared to answer any questions they may have. If you're unsure if patients should put their CPAP machine in a bag or put aside for special screening, don't worry, we have you covered! Knowing a few useful tips will help ease their anxiety about their CPAP machine, and help increase their adherence with the therapy.

  2. If your patients don't want to wear a CPAP mask, then you can try recommending alternative sleep apnea treatment options. CPAP therapy is one of the most common treatment methods technologists and sleep physicians recommend—and in addition, here are Five Alternative Options for Treating Sleep Apnea. 

  3. Sleep medicine is a fascinating and dynamic field of study. And as with any evolving field of study, it is important for sleep techs to be aware of any new research, technologies, and procedures to remain relevant in their chosen discipline. Here is some advice on how to Get Your Continuing Education Credits