In Memory of German Nino-Murcia, MD

This award was established in 1997 to honor Dr. Nino-Murcia, a leading researcher in sleep medicine who championed education and credentialing for technologists.


This award honors and recognizes an accredited sleep technology education program graduate who has passed the American Board of Sleep Medicine or Board Registered Polysomnographic Technologists credentialing examination and attained the RST or RPSGT credential within the past one year.


Sleep technology education program graduates within one year of graduation.


An accredited sleep technology education graduate nominated for this award has attained the RST or RPSGT credential within the past one year:

  • Certificate or diploma from an accredited sleep technology educational program (CoA PSG, CoA END, or CoA RRT);
  • Attainment of the RST or RPSGT credential within the past one year.

Please provide detailed information to support the nomination:

From the Nominator:

  • Has this individual demonstrated the criteria indicated above?
  • Provide the name and location of the sleep technology education program the nominee attended.
  • Why does the nominee deserve to receive the New Technologist Award?
  • What impact has attending an accredited sleep technology program had on this nominee's skill level and understanding of sleep and sleep disorders?
  • Additional comments.

From the Nominated:

  • Nominee must submit an essay; at a minimum of 500-words describing how achieving the credentials has affected the candidate's career aspirations, outlook on life, and how they foresee giving back to the community/sleep industry. Persons nominating must inform nominee of essay requirement.

Past Recipients

McClurg_Winner2019 - N/A

2018 - Kaitlin McClurg

2017- Megan Mackay

2016 - Steven Klinger

2015 - Taylor May

2014 - Joseph Kuzma

2013 - Kiara Jablonski

2012 - Joan Armstrong

2011 - Zac Sanders

2010 - Laurie Schmidtke

2009 - Tammy Wahl

2008 - Michelle Larson

2007 - Jennifer Merka

2006 - Jeff Rowden

2005 - Angela J. Nye

2004 - Michelle McGower

2003 - Thomas McElwee Jr.

2002 - Andre Puleo

2000 - Don Church

1999 - J. Wood

1997 - Peter A McGregor